Maintenance Agreements


Why Managed Services

System updates, software patches, data backup, and let us not forget system security are just some of the technical difficulties that accompany technology in today’s fast-paced business environment. In order to be successful businesses can no longer wait until they have a technical problem before they call on technical support. Managed Services like PC Advisors Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) provides the dependability, security and flexibility that businesses need to run an effective and efficient operation without the overhead of extra personnel or lost productivity due to downtime.  

Managed Services Explained

Modern technical services, like nearly everything in IT has evolved into a myriad of complex acronyms (RMM, MSP, SaaS, DBaaS, DRaaS) all expressing different concepts and features and focusing on specific client needs. At PC Advisors we believe in meeting the needs of our clients without added hype or excess services that increase cost and complexity. That is why our basic monitoring service (Remote Monitoring and Management or RMM) comes complete with all the features nearly every workstation, laptop or desktop system needs at an affordable price for any small to mid-sized business. For more comprehensive requirements, PC Advisors RMM services can be expanded as the needs of our clients grow.

Three Tiers to Meet All Needs

At PC Advisors we recognize that all businesses do not have the same IT needs. That’s why we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to IT support. Some of our clients have compliance and regulatory issues. Some have mission critical systems and cannot tolerate down-time or lost productivity. Whatever the IT services need, PC Advisors can provide a solution.

  1. RMM Foundations – all the services every device requires. Antivirus, data backup, patch management, remote access, system monitoring and data reports. All included in one low rate.
  2. RMM Enhanced – foundations PLUS web protection, mobile device management, web application management.
  3. RMM Premium – Enhanced PLUS risk intelligence, network device management, email protection and archiving, password management.

Find Out More!

To discover how cost effective RMM solutions can benefit your business contact PC Advisors today at (203) 798-9647 to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation. We will come to your business, evaluate your current systems and suggest a plan of action to improve your technology and, more importantly secure your company data from cybercriminals.