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    How safe is your corporate, office or home network? Nearly every day we learn of a new cybersecurity breach or high profile IT hacking event. Just like home or personal security, access to computer networks by hackers is nearly impossible to prevent entirely. However, also as in home and personal security, steps can be taken and methods implemented to deter and discourage breaches in network security.  As with many critical technology issues most business owners remain oblivious to network security issues until or unless a breach occurs. Network security can span a wide range of solutions depending upon a company’s budget and tech security requirements.

    How can a small business get adequate protection?

    The network security experts at PC Advisors will come to your office, place of business or home to analyze the current security measures in place and make suggestions as to what can be done to further minimize your risk. In some cases, replacing a residential router with a more robust business-class model can be all that’s required to implement heightened security and give you piece of mind.