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    Routers, switches and modems, oh my! Communication between devices in an internal environment as well as devices and the internet has never been more crucial! With only one device, networking is relatively easy. However, most companies and residences have a host of devices that all need access to one another and, of course the Internet. Computer networking becomes increasingly complex very quickly as soon as a few devices require access to resources. Without proper knowledge and guidance in the design and construction of a business or even residential network this crucial communication can be adversely affected or even fail entirely.

    Expert network design, development and implementation

    With years of experience the certified network technicians at PC Advisors can assemble a network infrastructure designed and built exclusively for your company, home office or residence. We have experience with networking devices and technology such as:

    • Modems and Routers
    • Switches, hubs, and Interface cards
    • Servers
    • Firewalls
    • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
    • Virtual Private Networking and Remote Access
    • Group printing, scanning and document management
    • Wireless network and Internet access

    What do you need from your network?

    From the simplicity of sharing an office printer to extending an exclusive wireless network or securing a private network from unauthorized access, PC Advisors has the knowledge and expertise to make your network meet the requirements above and beyond your expectations.