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  • Hosted Phone Systems

    How many times have you heard "Technology has changed everything?" This is often heard because it's true! Phone communications are no exception. If your business is still using a phone system that is five years, ten years or even older than you are in for a surprise as to how much phone communications have improved! 

    What is VoIP?

    A commonly misunderstood term, VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol or, more simply, communications in the Cloud or internet. FreedomVoice, a GoDaddy company leverages the power of VoIP to simplify and improve business phone systems like never before.

    Move to the Cloud

    Cloud-based or hosted phone systems offer many advantages over the traditional landline or premise based systems commonly used by businesses. A hosted phone system by FreedomVoice is inherently less expensive because it requires virtually no on premise equipment. The phones themselves are simply an extension of the current network environment, the same equipment your computers use to communicate and access the internet. With a FreedomVoice hosted phone system, because it uses the internet, your business phone is anywhere you are – office, home, mobile phone, ANYWHERE! Additionally, a FreedomVoice phone system is fully customizable to the way you and your employees work. Anything you can imagine a phone system might do FreedomVoice can do it! 

    Get paid to check out FreedomVoice!

    For a limited time get a $100 Amazon gift card just for checking out a FreedomVoice system! You read that correctly! Here’s how it works:

    1. Send us copies of your current phone bills We’ll work with FreedomVoice to determine your maximum savings
    2. If a new phone system from FreedomVoice can save you money we’ll let you know
    3. Schedule a brief demonstration in which we can show you how the switch will save you money over your current phone system.

    That’s IT! Whether or not you decide to switch, you will still get a $100 Amazon gift card as our thanks to you for your time and consideration. That’s how certain and committed we are about the benefits of a FreedomVoice hosted phone system. What are you waiting for? Call us today, click on the link below or download the linked PDF files to discover more for yourself.   

    FreedomVoice Information

    Learn more about the FreedomVoice Solution by Downloading these files. With questions or for further information call us at (203) 798-9647