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  • Data Management

    There is little question that data is at the very heart of technology. While online shopping and research accounts for much of how technology is used today, the data we generate, acquire and store surely accounts for a large portion as well. Be it home or office, mobile or desktop, technology would be utterly useless without documents, pictures, spreadsheets, invoices, and all the other data we create and store.

    It’s stunning how many businesses fail to protect the data that is so vitally important to their business operations or personal users who do not consider the consequences of the loss of treasured memories. A common hard drive crash or malicious software intrusion can, in an instant wipe out years of critical data, digital collections or treasured digital memories.

    PC Advisors specializes in the identification, preservation and, when necessary recovery of irreplaceable business or personal data. Onsite, offsite and Cloud storage options are easily and inexpensively implemented to preserve data before disaster strikes.  

    External and Networked (NAS) Devices

    A good first step to securing data is to ensure that it is copied in at least one location other than the working device. If all the company or personal data is located on desktops, laptops, servers or tablet devices there exists a high probability that loss can occur at the first sign of trouble.

    A single hard drive crash can cost a company dearly in both time and lost data. PC Advisors evaluates our client’s needs and provides cost effective solutions that ensure data integrity and security. A relatively small amount of time and investment up front goes a long way in avoiding a much greater expense in the long run.

    The data management experts at PC Advisors can implement a simple, on site solution that seamlessly and transparently performs weekly, daily or even hourly backups so that company data is replicated and secured. Don’t put your company or personal data at risk one more minute. Call PC Advisors today!

    Nordic Backup

    Moving to a Cloud backup solution could not be easier thanks to Nordic Backup! Using a simple, completely encrypted software service loaded on your computer your precious data is regularly uploaded to cloud servers where it can ONLY be accessed, viewed and restored by you or your designated personnel. For as little $249 a year your company computers can be connected and backed up to the Nordic Backup servers for complete and secure data backup. For more information or to sign up for Nordic Backup click on the link below or contact PC Advisors to get started today.