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    There was a time in the short history of computers when services like PC Advisors did a fair amount of building, upgrading and repairing computers. These days, even though it’s far more common to replace a computer than repair one, it’s still important to keep your technology at the highest level of performance possible. Occasionally, it still makes sense to upgrade system memory, install a new or larger hard drive or even upgrade a system motherboard. At PC Advisors we can do this work but, more importantly, we help our clients to know when it makes sense to do it. 

    Do you need to replace that aging desktop or laptop?

    From quotation to setup, configuration and data transfer PC Advisors does it all! For nearly fifteen years we’ve been specifying, purchasing, installing and configuring new computer systems for our clients. While many business owners believe that they or someone on their staff can do the job equally well, what they often fail to understand is the magnitude of the task at hand and the levels of knowledge required to source and install a new computer efficiently and effectively. Some of the common tasks we’ve been hired for include:

    • Purchasing new desktop or laptop computers
    • Installing or replacing hard drives
    • Upgrading system memory
    • Upgrading or adding monitors
    • Repairing or replacing failed components
    • Replacing cracked or shattered LCD screens
    • Upgrading computer operating systems

    Again, while not as commonly required as these tasks once were, there are times when it’s good to know PC Advisors is knowledgeable and capable of performing them. Call or contact us with any questions you might have about your current desktop, laptop or mobile device and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can! 

    Certified, experienced technicians

    PC Advisors is staffed with professionally certified technicians knowledgeable in all aspects of computer and laptop diagnostics and repair. We service all makes and models of computer systems running all Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac operating systems. No matter what the problem or device chances are PC Advisors service personnel have seen it and fixed it!

    What Our Clients Are Saying:

    PC Advisors was excellent to work with! The technician made sure that everything was working properly and explained in detail what he had done to solve my issue.

    Roger S.

    Danbury, CT

    I have been dealing with John Licari at PC Advisors for several years now and whenever I have a problem with my PC, he always comes up with a solution.

    Paul P.

    Southbury, CT

    Very professional and straight talking. Explained in simple terms what could be done, then he did it.

    Tom C.

    Danbury, CT