PC Advisors llc
PC Advisors llc

  • About Us

    A Commitment to Customer Service

    Nearly fifteen years ago PC Advisors was founded on the basic belief that every computer user should have a trusted advisor they can turn to when they need help with their technology. Despite the growth and evolution of technology from bulky desktops to portable laptops to today’s handheld and compact tablet devices our initial commitment to customer service remains. At a time when computer service organizations have come and gone and the market has witnessed a veritable boom to bust in the proliferation of geeks, nerds and techno whizzes, PC Advisors continues to be a valuable resource to devoted and judicious customers who recognize superior service. 

    Comprehensive Technology Solutions

    Of course we’ve evolved and now we offer advice and services that span the technology spectrum; desktop computers to handheld devices, on premise servers to Cloud services, and more. Whatever the technology need, PC Advisors is expert at finding the solution that matches the client’s requirements. Today’s technology landscape is more complex and confusing than ever before. If your business is struggling with outdated, overwhelmed or ineffective technology call PC Advisors for a free, no obligation consultation to see how much better business can get with updated computers, a hosted phone system or centralized data servers.   

    Why should you call us?

    In a world where everyone wants your business the question is why would you call us? It may sound clichéd but each and every client is much more than a paying customer to us. We value our relationships (many of whom have been clients of ours for over ten years) and go above and beyond the call to satisfy and maintain those we do business with. As the owner of PC Advisors I personally guarantee you will not be disappointed in our service. I’m not sure if the self-proclaimed Geeks or Nerds can make that claim!