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Charitable, Patriotic and Humanitarian sites

Dispite all the bad news and horrific uses we hear, seemingly on a day-to-day basis, regarding the the World Wide Web, there is much good being accomplished using computer and internet technology. The following links are merely a small sampling of the sites we have found that prove this sentiment.


Welcome Back Veterans

WBV is committed to providing PTSD treatment to our veterans and their families in a public/private partnership with the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, Major League Baseball Charities, the McCormick Foundation, the Entertainment Industry Foundation and world renowned Centers of Excellence at University Hospitals throughout the country.



A local non-profit organization based on the philosophy of getting the homeless people of Danbury, Connecticut into their own living arrangements through the direct and immediate actions of local resources. Off The Streets is comprised entirely of volunteers who work to connect the homeless with landlords, donors, and agencies to get them into housing as quickly and efficiently as possible. Relying completely upon the generosity of others, Off The Streets takes no money from federal, state or local government agencies.

Wounded Warrior Project


A website established to assist those service members returning from combat. In their words "To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history." A valuable organization that helps those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


Sandy Hook Promise


In the wake of such a senseless and horrifying tragedy there is none more important work we can do than to end violence perpetrated on our most helpless and innocent members of society. The Sandy Hook Promise is a way to gather with like-minded people to find ways to prevent further destructive acts like the tragedy of 12/14.