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Read what PC Advisors' customers are saying about us:

"Once again I am singing praises of PC Advisors! Thank you so much for your latest prompt, friendly and efficient service. It has been a pleasure working with you. Our family is greatful that you have taken our home from the Flinstone age to the Jetsons! We are so technologically advanced----THANKS to YOU! People often ask for my assistance, and I have to admit that my efficiency is all due to PC Advisors!"

Diane Correnty

Bethel, CT

"As my family and I have become more dependent on our computer for school, work and even household tasks such as bill paying, it's important we have someone to call who can fix any computer glitches that may come up.  PC Advisors is the ONLY company I trust to handle these issues quickly and competently. I wouldn't even consider using any other company. Time after time, they have come through with solutions to my computer problems.  They even taught me how to prevent and handle many glitches myself.  I HIGHLY recommend PC Advisors and enthusiastically do so to my friends, family and co-workers.  I feel absolutely secure using my computer knowing that PC Advisors expertise is just a phone call away!"

Allison Bloom

Newtown, CT


"PC Advisors has been prompt and responsive when computer problems occurred.  There were times when I felt helpless when confronted with a computer problem.  Their responsiveness has enabled me to keep my system operating with no noticeable interruption to my business.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance in repairs and system up grades." 

George Cozzolino, Property Risk Consultant 

Bethel, CT


"I wanted to thank you for getting my computer to run the way it should. It makes life so much easier."


Maria Shanley, Shanley Landscaping

Bethel, CT

"When I got the ‘blue screen’ I had no idea what to do. My system would not boot up and I did not know how to troubleshoot the problem or how to fix it. The thought of spending hours on hold for computer support was not a pleasant one. PC Advisors diagnosed my problem, solved it and I was up and running again in no time. I never would have figured out the problem on my own, and most likely would have ended up purchasing a new system out of sheer frustration. I was panicked thinking that I would have lost all my data and files. Thank you, PC Advisors!"


MaryEllen Pastore

Norwalk, CT

"PC Advisors has come through for us once again! We have asked for their help a few times over the past couple of years and have never been disappointed. Each time we got an immediate response and our computer problems have been solved within hours. They have always been polite and courteous, and take the time to explain what they are doing. They have also offered to help over the phone and by e-mail, which has been a great convenience. It is always a pleasure to work with PC Advisors, we highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their computers, whether it is fixing problems or to help set up a new system."

Sue DeCarlo

Bethel, CT

"PC Advisors saved us from a huge potential disaster. Our son's laptop crashed and died the night before he flew to the MIddle East for a college program. PC Advisors came the next morning, saved our son's very extensive files, and returned a completely repaired laptop in a day or two, ready for us to send to Egypt. Thank you, PC Advisors!"


Penny and Stan Kessler

Bethel, CTT


"PC Advisors handled my systems upgrade and local networking with great service and care. Then when my hard drive failed on my old computer they responded well yet again and we discovered with great relief that the backup systems they had helped us to put in place worked just fine as well. I would recommend them to any small business owner looking for unbiased computer systems and networking advice and support."

David Whitmore, Owner Family Wealthcare

Bethel, CT

"Congratulations, PC Advisors! Thanks to your expertise in the field of PC's, you have provided me with an excellent background in computer skills! Now that I am computer literate, I am able to utilize the PC in a variety of activities that are related to my interests and abilities. I have utilized the Internet to investigate and research different topics that deal with history, music, photography, language, educational programs, and grant writing. I have accessed Microsoft Word in order to write essays dealing with my experiences in the New York City school system. I have learned how to transfer music from CD's to the computer and then on to the IPOD. I have acquired and cataloged a wonderful collection of family photos. My e-mail activity has taken me to different parts of the country and the world. Within minutes, I have communicated with friends in far away places such as Florida, California and even Buenos Aires. PC Advisors has taught me that with computer skills I can expand my horizons and keep in touch with and help others to investigate, study and focus on many knowledges and interests. As well as provided for me technical and instructional support in a most unique and practical way. Thanks and congratulations on a job expertly accomplished!"


Amelia Brown

Bethel, CT