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Computer and Internet Security

Nearly everyone can be more secure when using the internet. The following applications (many provided FREE of charge) can help the savvy computer user to be less vulnerable and better protected. From basic antivirus and antimalware to parental control and network security applications, there is something here for nearly every security need.




AVG Antivirus and Security

Unfortunately for many companies like AVG, We at PC Advisors like to say that McAfee and Norton have become like the "Coke" and "Pepsi" of the antivirus world. Although they are the best known products they are not always the best choice for the average computer user. AVG has a wide range of easy-to-use security software products for every computer user. The even have a basic FREE edition for home computer users. We like the products so much that we have become a reseller. Ask us about AVG today!


Yea, we were suspicious when we first saw this one too. It seems like a lark but it is the real deal! A very effective antispyware/antimalware application with lots of extra features.


A strange name for a great product! Yet another FREE antivirus application that works well especially after your system has been infected.