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Recycling and Donating

We at PC Advisors are asked all the time "can you accept my outdated computer equipment" or "what should I do with my old computer?" As much as we would like to, it is simply not possible for us to accept all the used and outdated computers and accessories that we come across in our day to day business. It should, however, come as no surprise to anyone that electonic waste, or e-waste as it has become known, is fast becoming a major source of concern to our environment. It is estimated that each year upgrades and damage cause up to 100 million cell phones alone to become obsolete! Currently there are few options for the disposal of e-waste. Many consumer products companies such as Dell and Staples will accept the return of obsolete and outdated products, often for a fee. This page is provided as our way to help in the effort to stem the seemingly overwhelming tide of e-waste and as a service to our customers and patrons. Here we will post links to useful sites that provide a method, often free of charge for the proper disposal or reuse of computer and other consumer electronics.


EPA Ecycling

A Federal Government site that describes and defines e-waste and how to dispose of it. A good starting point for those unfamiar with the problems associated with e-waste and how they are being addressed at various levels.

The Freecycle Network 

Post or search for items in your local area. The only requirement is that it all has to be FREE! 




An excellent site that fully exemplifies the recycling mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle. Whether you're looking to repurpose a dot-matrix printer, donate gently used technology or simple recycle your obsolete desktop or laptop this website can greatly assist in the process. It even has a search feature that identifies recyclers in your area.