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Standard Labor Rates

From our research and feedback from those who have used the services, large volume computer repair companies, in general, tend to provide less than satisfactory service at exorbitant prices.  Additionally, to add insult to injury, many of these same companies encourage their employees to push products and services onto clients so as to increase the profit margin of each service call.

At PC Advisors we believe these high-pressure sales tactics, at a time when the client is often confused and vulnerable are unnecessary and irresponsible. Furthermore, it is our policy that the customer is fully aware and accepting of the work that is to be performed BEFORE the job is started – including the total cost required. Once our technician performs a full analysis of the problem, where possible you will be provided with a number of options as to how to proceed. When a solution is agreed upon you will be presented with the final cost of that solution before any work is initiated. This method guarantees that there are no surprises at the completion of the job. In this way PC Advisors is fairly compensated for the work we have performed and, most importantly, you, the client are satisfied that you have received the best computer repair value money can buy! 




Standard On-Site or In-House Labor Rates

First Hour


Additional Hour(s)


Diagnostic Fee



Remote or Phone Support Charges1

First Half-Hour


Additional 15 Minute Increments



Computer and/or Applications Training2

Individual Hourly


Group Hourly, two to four people (2 Hour min)


Group Hourly, five to eight (2.5 Hour Min)


Group Hourly, over nine people

Call For Pricing


Support Contract Services3

Standard Network - Monthly


Client\Server Network - Monthly




In support of those on a fixed income and our military service members we gladly offer a discount of 10% off all labor charges to seniors and Armed Forces members and Veterans. Discounts may not be combined and only one standard or advertised discount can be applied per service call. Materials, taxes or other required service charges are not subject to discounting. All prices subject to change without advanced notice.


  1. Requires a High Speed Internet (HSI) access connection and customer approval to access client system over standard HSI access lines. May also require download and installation of additional software applications where necessary.
  2. Individual and group rates available. Contact PC Advisors for groups larger than nine people, extended sessions, or specific applications. Application training is limited to widely used, commercially available products such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher. Please contact PC Advisors for details or questions.
  3. Requires a signed annual service support agreement and is generally billed in quarterly installments unless modified by prior arrangement. Refer to Support Contract Link for further details.