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Over the years, as you might well imagine, we here at PC Advisors have acquired quite a sizable list of website “favorites” or, for Firefox users “bookmarks.” and we are commonly asked about the programs, application and services that we recommend and use ourselves. Therefore, in order to be of better service to our clients and patrons we have provided a page on our web site for you to refer when you are seeking a useful application or simply more information about computer usage. As you explore this page you will notice that we have attempted to organize our links in logical categories to make it easier for you to navigate.

Instructional - application and computer training sites.

Security - antivirus, firewall, parental controls and more!

Useful & Entertaining - news, general information, triva, games, etc.

Utilities - helpful applicatons to improve computer performance.

Friends of PC Advisors - Businesses and Business people who we recommend

Recycling and Donations - Environment friendly ways to dispose of outdated electronics

Worthy - charitable, patriotic, and humanitarian sites doing good works and fully supported by PC Advisors


This listing is, by no means, exhaustive and will be periodically updated and maintained. So, please stop by often or as the need arises for a unique application to solve a particular problem you may be experiencing. Please feel free to contact us to recommend a page or site that you feel we may have overlooked or that you have discovered in the course of “surfing the web.” Who knows, we may find your recommendation to be the next “can’t live without” application and be compelled to include it here on our list of suggested sites. Finally, as always, the standard disclaimers apply here folks – PC Advisors cannot be held responsible for anyone (and you know who YOU are) who decides to download, install and use any application that might cause loss or damage to computer hardware, software, or data. As the man says, “use any and all recommendations at your own risk.”  If in doubt contact the experts at PC Advisors for further assistance.