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Over time and throughout the course of doing business we have had the pleasure of encountering some awe inspiring businesses and business people throughout our region. What follows is a list of links to the web sites of some of those businesses we would highly recommend.  Should you require the services of any of these fine businesses, let them know we sent you.


Sierra Audio Video Design

  A local installer of home entertainment systems, John at Sierra is a meticulous craftsman who is thoroughly knowledgeable when it comes to consumer electronics. As a company we've worked closely with, take it from us, Sierra AV Design is the company you want to contact for any and all of your home entertainment requirements. Visit their web site for a look at some of the most incredible work you will see in home electronics installation.

Business Process IT

BPiT has worked closely with PC Advisors, llc over the years and we have been extremely impressed with the professionalism and capabilities of their staff. Many companies struggle with the use of technology. From specification to implementation and purchase to elimination, proper use of technology is essential for business success. BPiT has the answers to many of the problems faced by business today.

R.E. Lawlor Printing and Graphics

A local, family owned printing shop that does great work and has outstanding customer service.