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If you have reached this page it is safe to assume that, by now you are in need of service and ready to contact us. Rest assured PC Advisors is fully committed to making your computer service experience as effortless and satisfying as possible. We recognize that all computer users are not as comfortable with diagnosing and remediating PC problems – after all, that is why we’re here! It may be small consolation to learn that most of our clients have said to us at one time or another “I am not very good with computers” or “I’m basically ignorant when it comes to PCs.” More often than not, however, we find this to be a gross overstatement. You, like many of our customers, are likely more knowledgeable than you think.

"I love my new computer and I love the speed it has! I’m very glad I called PC Advisors, went through this process and got it! Thank you so much for your help."

Perdetta Malkin

Danbury, CT

When first contacted by a friendly and empathetic PC Advisor, you will be asked a few simple questions about your computer problem. Please do not be intimidated or concerned if you are unable to answer any of the questions asked. If at all possible, but by no means essential, it would be helpful if you could do the following prior to contacting PC Advisors:



  • Shut down and restart your computer. If the trouble you are encountering is a network problem, restart your modem and router as well.


  • Ensure that all the devices, especially the one you are having trouble with is plugged in and turned on. Surprisingly, this step is often overlooked.


  • Try to recreate the problem. By replicating the steps you took or the sequence of events that occured when the problem happened you will gain helpful information for us to better resolve the issues.


  • By all means, DON'T PANIC! If all else fails turn off and unplug everything. The easiest way to incur potential data loss is to "thrash" around without knowing what you are doing. Be assured, once we are on the case we will calmly and expertly resolve your technical problems.

"As my family and I have become more dependent on our computer for school, work and even household tasks such as bill paying, it's important we have someone to call who can fix any computer glitches that may come up.  PC Advisors is the ONLY company I trust to handle these issues quickly and competently. I wouldn't even consider using any other company. Time after time, they have come through with solutions to my computer problems.  They even taught me how to prevent and handle many glitches myself.  I HIGHLY recommend PC Advisors and enthusiastically do so to my friends, family and co-workers.  I feel absolutely secure using my computer knowing that PC Advisors expertise is just a phone call away!"

Allison Bloom

Newtown, CT

Please fill in all information below and click on the Submit button. Please leave the phone number (home, business, cell) and/or email address that you are most likely to be reached at. You will be contacted during business hours by a friendly computer professional who will attempt to assess the problem and set up and appointment with you. Thank you in advance for chosing PC Advisors.